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Social Investment Committee members

Peter Field


Peter Field was appointed by The Queen to be Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for East Sussex on 19 August 2008, having served as Her Majesty’s Vice Lord Lieutenant from 2000. Born in Brighton in 1946 he was educated in the City and is married with two children.

A Chartered Surveyor by profession, he has always used his skills to support and help the single homeless, notably he was a key player in the introduction of the Foyer Federation to the UK and in the development of several major Sussex Housing Associations.

A Magistrate for more than 20 years before becoming Lord Lieutenant, he also chaired the highly successful Brighton and Hove Business Community Partnership since its inception in 1994, and for many years served on the South East Leadership Team for the Prince of Wales’ charity Business in the Community (BITC) being appointed the Prince of Wales’ Ambassador for the South East in 2003. For over ten years in the 1990s he chaired the City’s Regeneration Partnership successfully using close on £50m of Government money to lever in a further £100m which contributed to many of the changes to the fabric and culture of the City that are visible today.

Not withstanding his considerable duties representing HM The Queen, he takes seriously the Monarch’s request that he provides encouragement and support for all sectors of the community. This includes supporting and encouraging military organisations, the business sector, statutory undertakings, and charitable and voluntary groups (he is Patron or President of some 40 local organisations), He sits on the board of several commercial companies in the County and is currently also developing and supporting Social Enterprise, Youth and Environmental initiatives.

Brian Quinton

Local Director, Metro Bank in Brighton and surrounding areas.

Brian Quinton is the Local Director for Metro Bank in Brighton with responsibility for a store to be opened shortly as Metro Bank continues its expansion in the South of England.

Brian has 12 years of Corporate Banking experience and has worked with business management teams from a wide variety of industry sectors with typical annual turnovers ranging from £5m to £50m.

Brian has set up, facilitated and been involved with networking clubs and has also been a Business Advisor for Young Enterprise. Brian is also involved in the Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership, helping to structure the economic prospects for the Brighton and Hove business community and neighbouring areas.

Project team

Graham Precey

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Legal & General

Graham Precey has been Head of Corporate Responsibility for Legal & General Group Plc since 2007.

His role is to be the “conscience” of the organisation in the way that it campaigns for social, environmental and economic issues material to its businesses of Risk, Savings and Investment Management.

Legal & General is campaigning for important issues as a major player in the Financial Services Industry including: Housing for all, Good Corporate Governance, A Healthier Nation, a Stronger Savings Culture, Sustainable Commercial Property and Alleviating Pensioner Poverty. All of these have been achieved through finding Third Sector Partners who are willing to share their Intellectual Property in exchange for research and development funds. A corporate view of the world is balanced with Graham’s involvement in leading Third Sector organisations.

He is as Chair of Trustees for the charity Sail4Cancer and Trustee of the Foundation for Social Improvement.